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Quality-assured gases and solutions that meet USP, EUP, JP regulatory requirements

When your products are responsible for saving lives, you need absolute faith in your gas supplier. Messer's slogan is "gases for life" — and we take that to heart.   

We understand the unique concerns inherent to the pharmaceutical industry, so we’ve developed innovative gas solutions that meet all relevant regulatory requirements and comply with all pertinent environmental directives. Our world-class pharmaceutical argon (Ar), nitrogen (N), and carbon dioxide (CO2) all come with validated quality assurance and traceability. We also offer all the necessary filter systems, valves and fittings for storage and use—up to and including on-site production systems if needed. Finally, we have a reputation for trusted application expertise more than a century in the making.



Cryogenic gases and solutions to help you freeze-dry valuable biologicals while decreasing rejected material, without sacrificing efficacy.


Inerting, Purging & Blanketing

Improve workplace safety and preserve product quality with specialized application of nitrogen, argon, or CO2.



CO2 supply and quality assurance.


Reactor Cooling

Specialized cryogenic cooling systems capable of chilling a process fluid down to -120 °C (-248 °F).


VOC Abatement

Minimize or prevent VOC release by adding cryogenic condensation systems that harness liquid nitrogen (LIN). 


Bulk Gases

Nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar), and carbon dioxide (CO2) delivered safely and reliably.

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